The Omniscience of Love

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The Omniscience of Love

There is a natural pattern to creation and this pattern can be found at all levels. To understand it, we need to take a look at the earth and its atom spheres (atmospheres).

To begin with, we have the Barysphere. Thought to be composed of molten Nickel and Iron, this is the magnetic sphere which holds the material that exists in the Geosphere, around it and is the first sphere to be influenced from the core. It is a lake of fire.

If you remember from your high school science class, each sphere also has what is called a pause, which is like a membrane, so we can say that the spheres are like bubbles within bubbles, each with its own surface.

The Troposphere, or the 3rd Dimension, is where all earthly life exists. The plants, animals, and air we breathe and majority of weather, all occur within the Troposphere. Tropo means "indicating change" and in the Bible, when it refers to the "wilderness" it is referring to this sphere of life, i.e. John the Baptist said he was a "voice in the wilderness". In the Troposphere, we walk on the surface of the Geosphere.

Beyond the membrane of the Tropopause, we have the Stratosphere, so called because it is stratified in temperature and the temperature increases as altitude increases. Strata, means multi-layered. This is the 4th sphere, or 4th 'Dimension' and it is in this sphere that all the different realms of our own Image Nations (imaginations) exist. It is quite difficult to explain, but quite simply, it is the realm in which all those thoughts and beliefs that are held by souls, that are not according to the true way of eternal life, exist. It is a chaotic realm made up of our own little worlds. The true way of eternal life, exists in the sphere beyond it, the Mesosphere.

Meso means middle and we can also take it from Mesa, which is a flat-top tableland, or mountaintop.

Let's take a look at some interesting corelations for a moment.

In the Bible, we are told about Jacob's dream of a ladder ascending to heaven and accounts from American Indians after their trance like visions in the "Ghost dance", tell of ascending by ropes to different levels until they reach the "happy hunting ground". In fact, many different cultures around the world have similar accounts in their oral traditions, including the Aboriginal Dreamtime, etc. So let's just consider for now, that the Stratosphere is like a spiritual block of flats. Each flat is the world of a soul's imagination, their own Image Nation. The game of snakes and ladders is actually a representation of ascending through this sphere.

The higher we go in levels, the closer to the true way of eternal life it becomes. However, the true way of eternal life does not exist in this sphere of life.

The Stratopause, is the ground that is walked upon in the Mesosphere, or as some call it, the 5th Dimension.

A cloud that occurs in the mesosphere is called the noctilucent cloud (meaning "luminous night clouds") because it appears to glow at night. It is believed that this cloud is composed of meteoric or cosmic and volcanic dust. Remember that Adam was formed from dust and this is the dust that it refers to. It is from this dust that our supernatural bodies are formed and it is to this dust we return.

Also found within the mesosphere is a concentration of electrons called the "D" layer, which occurs at or about 230,000 feet. This layer reflects radio waves, thus making long distance communications possible.

Beyond the atmospheres, the solar system also follows the same pattern. From Mercury, which is in the first sphere to be influenced by the sun, to earth, which is the third, etc. Last year, scientists monitoring Voyager 1 noticed strange happenings that suggested the spacecraft had broken through the region of space known as the heliosheath, the outer shell of the solar system. source

Love is a sentient prescience that exists as a supernatural source of all life. It is like a great ocean of golden, liquid, living light that fills the eternal, infinite universe. It is the Great Omniscient Deity of Eternal Love that created everything, from itself.

The Mesosphere is where we find the true way of eternal life for humanity, above and beyond all other ways of life that fall short, due to being adulterated with our own concepts and beliefs. The true way of eternal life that is found in the Mesosphere is like a Kingdom, as the GOD of Love flows through everything and everyone, causing us to experience His nature of absolute, divine virtue. We are literally filled with absolute, divine love and clothed in absolute virtue.

This universe is God's garden and this earth and its atom sphere's is one of His garden beds. The first fruit He created in this garden of ours, was Immanuel and all that followed grew from His seed. Immanuel became manifest on the earth as Jesus of Nazareth, to reveal the truth of God's Kingdom of absolute love and virtue, that exists far above our own misguided concepts. He is the truth, the way and the life, the true way of life.

Jesus said to Peter, "Your mind is full of worldly concerns and not the concerns of God". We are called to rise above the world and the misguided ways of life and realise the true way of life that is God's kingdom of absolute love and virtue.

God can communicate with us. Remember that the "D" layer reflects radio waves, making long distance communication possible. God created our mind/imagination to be like a radio/TV, only it is for two-way communication. If you don't believe in God, or are living from what you think is right and true in your own mind, then your radio/TV is tuned into your own channel and there is no way you can hear or see what God is trying to say or reveal to you, the truth of His love and virtue. All you get is static, caused by the chaotic realm of thought that is in the Stratosphere, or 4th Dimension.

Believing in Jesus, is necessary in that it requires us to surrender our pride. It is an act of humility that is essential to being able to tune-in to God and relate/commune with Him. The character of God that we become clothed in, is absolute virtue. It is absolute confidence, absolute enthusiasm, absolute assertiveness, etc. However, humility is the key that brings balance to all the virtues. With humility, confidence is balanced with respect, enthusiasm is balanced with patience and assertiveness is balanced with peacefulness, etc.

The sad fact is, to enter into that realm and experience the true way of life in the living prescience of eternal love and virtue, one must be cleansed of all impurities within the self that could cause one to "fall from grace". Eternity is a very, very long time and when you truly experience it, you will realise that all of human history is no more than a blink of God's eye. There is no way that our loving father will allow anything to dwell within His eternal kingdom that has nothing to do with absolute love and virtue, because then it wouldn't be ABSOLUTE, would it?

I'll leave you to ponder on it and ask that you take the time to tune-in to God. Ask Jesus to help you, because although you may not be tuned into His wavelength, He's tuned into yours. However, be warned that there are a lot of lesser beings out there, in both the spiritual and physical realms, that attempt to get you to tune in to their channel and you must realise that if you are not tuned into the right channel, through the spirit of true holiness, peace and grace (the Holy Spirit), then what you are tuning into, is influenced by Lucifer and the servants of his unholy realm, which exists within the Geosphere.

When Immanuel (Jesus) comes to earth, all the different realms of thought, spiritual Image Nations (imaginations) of the Stratosphere will be overpowered and conquered by the true way of life. Lucifer will no longer have any influence in the world, as everyone will KNOW the true way of life, beyond the shadow of any doubt and all those who are not ready to dwell in His true way of eternal life will be cast into the lake of fire, the Barysphere. I am very careful about where my allegiance lies, and I have absolutely no doubt as to the true way of eternal life, how about you?

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