Revivals Happen All The Time

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Revivals Happen All The Time

Revivals happen more often than you know!

Many years ago, I had a tent ministry. I designed and made the tent myself and it was round and about 8 meters in diameter, with a firepit in the middle. I would keep a large pot of tea brewing on the fire and anyone who came in was welcome to a cup.

One day, I sensed the Lord was directing me to travel to a forest about an hour and a half's drive from the farm where I lived. There was an anti-logging protest action about to happen there and I was having doubts about it, so I mentioned it to a fellow believer who knew me well and had been with me on a couple of 'adventures' before and seen the holy spirit working through me. He said, "How about I drive you up there and we'll take a look?"

So we drove up there, arriving at dusk to find a camp of ferals . Their camp was muddy, filthy and an absolute mess and so were they. We camped the night and the following morning we went for a walk. As I walked along the dirt logging track, I saw a bulldozed area on the side of the road and the Lord said to me, "I want you to set your tent up here and keep it spotlessly clean and start planting seedlings."

So we drove back home to get the tent, then set it up. I had a groundsheet, over which I had carpet and I made it a rule while camped there, that everyone had to take off their shoes when they came in. Within three days, the feral protestors had cleaned up their act and by the time the protest began and the police arrived, I had convinced them that the only way, was to greet the police and the loggers with love. They did and what ensued was amazing. To the outside world, through the eyes of the media, it was a battle between the police and the protestors, but in reality it was like a party and everyone was on friendly terms. The protestors went happily off to jail for a night and the police treated them in a very friendly fashion. It was all a bit surreal and everyone sensed that they were only playing a part in a movie.

Eventually, the last blockade came down and it was like there was an invisible line across the road and everyone knew that when the police crossed the line, it was all over. The police stood there for a few hours, until just before sundown and then turned around and went away. They didn't want to cross the line! They didn't want the party to end!

About a month after it was all over, there was another protest action, not that far away. This time it was in a seaside community. The local mayor had decided to put in a sewerage outfall pipe to the ocean and the locals were up in arms. Not only did they not want it, but it also came to light that the mayor's father owned the company that made the pipes and he couldn't sell them anywhere.

Again I sensed the Lord directing me to take the tent there, so my friend and I drove down the coast to the community. When we arrived, I was quite surprised. The ferals that had been at the other protest were there in force, only this time, instead of building a lot of different tripods with poles, they had built a huge tripod about three stories tall and at the top they had constructed a large platform in the shape of the star of David.

The whole event was occurring in a bulldozed area, in a gully at the end of a street in the community and the Lord told me to set up the tent just off the side of the road, overlooking the whole area.

The locals were very happy to have the protestors there, because although they wanted to stop the pipeline from being laid, they were very fearful of the police and being arrested. Now this was not the normal boys in blue that were going to attend this protest, this was the boys in black, the Tactical Response Team, renowned for their sternness and lack of compassion.

The morning after I set the tent up, I received a visit from a delegation of community elders. I forgot to tell you, that I had a cross painted above the entrance of the tent. The first thing they said to me was, "Excuse us, but we just want to ask you, do you believe in Jesus?" I answered with a smile, "of course, that's why I'm here."

I can only say, that the transformation that came over that community was miraculous. Overnight, the locals had found a renewed strength and courage and all the fear they had been feeling was gone. They started inviting the protestors into their homes for roast dinners and a bed for the night. I would have locals coming up to me and saying things like, "I never knew that neighbour three doors down was such a lovely person!" The love and joy amongst everyone was overwhelming and truly inspiring.

People were accepting Christ left, right and center. One day we even had a visit from the madam who ran the local brothel, who accepted Christ and left her job.

The protest continued on for a few years and ended up resulting in victory.

God works in mysterious ways and miracles can and do happen. You won't find any mention of this small town revival in news archives, because the world's media is only interested in the sensational events that will arouse their viewers or readers. However, I would visit that community over the years and the community spirit was strong, joyful and very much alive for years after.

So you see! God's ways are not man's ways and revivals happen more often than you know, because they don't happen all that often in 'the church'. Sometimes He'll have you be somewhere, doing something, that just may be a stepping stone to something greater He has planned. You just have to trust Him and have the courage, faith, love for others, humility and lack of judgement, to step out and follow His direction for the part He has for you in His movie.

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  • July 30, 2016 at 2:11 am
    Beautiful stories! YES, we are to Love as we are Loved by Lord Jesus. Then they will know we are Christians by THAT Love! It's Wonderful to be engulfed in His Spirit at Work!