The Ride of a Lifetime

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The Ride of a Lifetime

I had reached a point in my life where I was finding it very difficult to 'fit in' anymore. As you can probably imagine, most of the people I knew thought that I was crazy, while others wanted me to be their Guru.

The visions and revelations that I received were beyond my control and came at any time, usually when I least expected it, certainly when I truly needed it.

It all came to a climax one day, after finding out about an affair my first wife was having and I felt at a complete loss as to what to do, so I prayed to God!

I told Him that I could no longer live in the material world, where people think that vision and revelation are a result of my own imagination, nor could I live in the world of vision and revelation; the two are at complete odds.

I decided to go and stay with a friend who lived on a hillside property overlooking a beach. When I arrived at my friend's place, a feeling of numbness came over me. My mind and my body felt completely numb and I completely blanked out and could not even think. I just sat and gazed out over the ocean.

After three days like this, I was sitting on the grass, when suddenly I felt as if I was being lifted up. It was as if I was riding in Willie Wonka's glass elevator, rising up to the sky. I felt very much at peace and after ascending to a great height, I found myself sitting on what appeared to be a throne, made of a whitish crystal. When I looked to the left, I saw thrones stretching as far as the eye could see and the same when I looked to the right.

In front of me was a landscape with a surface that looked like clear crystal. When I looked down, I could see through it to the world far below.

I became aware of someone standing just behind my right shoulder, who then told me to look closer and it looked to me like the world was an open book, with its beginning at Adam and Eve. I really cannot describe how it was, as it was a multidimensional view from eternity and there was so much to see, my mind could not take it all in. The angel then pointed out a thin red line that ran through the middle of the book, like the red ribbon you find in a bible to use as a bookmark. Down near the bottom of the book, which I was made aware to be the present time, I saw what appeared to be a ball of bright, white light moving slowly along the line, around which were smaller lights, like stars and out from there were smaller and less lights until there was just darkness.

The angel told me that the red line represented the bloodline of life in Christ and that the sphere of white light that was moving along it was composed of all those surrendered souls who were pure of heart and mind, walking the path and keeping the faith.

The smaller lights that circled nearby were also believers; however, they were not really walking the path, just stepping on it at times and not really surrendering. The lights that were smaller and further out were those who also believed in Christ, but still had a lot of doubt and little faith, while the darkness was composed of the unbelieving souls who are lost to the world.

As I was watching, many of the little stars further away from the ball of light on the path disappeared and all the other stars began to swirl and move into the sphere of light, until it was the only light, with utter darkness around it. The moment that happened, the book suddenly slammed shut and I heard a loud voice announce, "It is finished!"

The ball of light moved slowly along the red line that seemed to extend beyond the book a little. All around was darkness and I heard a voice say, "The tribulation to end all tribulations." The ball of light reached the end of the red line and then moved off it. The moment it was completely off the line, I was shown the new heaven and earth. I won't even begin to try to describe it, except to say that it is beyond everyones wildest imagination.

I then looked out across the 'crystal' (solid light) landscape and saw people who appeared transparent and shone with a golden glow. Their attention was focused on the world below and I saw what seemed to be a golden, umbilical-like cord stretching from every one of them to one of the lights on the earth below. The ones who were 'connected' to those that were in the sphere of light seemed to be very relaxed and moved around easily, whereas the ones who were 'connected' to the lights further away from the line were running around like they had uncontrollable dogs on leads.

Far off in the distance, I saw an area of darkness and I somehow knew that Lucifer and all those who had turned their back on God, were the cause of it. Beneath the area of darkness was what appeared to be a giant tornado/whirlpool, a chaotic maelstrom, reaching down to the earth below.

I did not really want to take much notice of that, so I looked up and saw angels, bathed in a golden light, flying overhead. They were all singing about God's love, mercy, grace and holiness. Beyond them was darkness; however, I could see the outline of a man high above them. It was very distinguishable and its stature appeared like a king. The angel spoke softly in my ear telling me that this was the character God had created for man to aspire to, full of ALL the godly virtues (majestic characteristics) of absolute Love.

I felt myself rising up toward the image and as I did, the atmosphere around me seemed to grow hotter, not just in temperature but also in sensuality and thick like soup. A voice told me to ignore it, as it was just the stuff that life is formed from and allow myself to rise above it.

I arrived at the outline and then went through it, like a door. It seemed as if it was a hatch door, as you might find in a submarine. When I got through to the other side, I no longer had any image, concept or thought of myself. It is extremely difficult to describe, but it was as if I was only a speck of dust and all that I was aware of, was what felt like a rushing current of water in an extremely vast, endless ocean of golden, liquid light that was pure, absolute love and joy. It flowed around and through me and in that moment, I fell in love, with love itself.

After a little while, I came back down through the outline and found myself floating above all of creation, heaven, earth, hell and everything in between. I turned and before me was a throne. It felt like I was in a huge cathedral, the sense of reverential holiness was overwhelming and incredibly humbling. I knew that I was standing before my creator God.

I cried out to Him, "Dear God, I can't carry the burden of all that I am any longer. I am tired of the conflict within myself that living in the world and living in the heavenly realm brings. I surrender ALL that I am to you for judgement. I know that I have made mistakes and at this time, I have no idea where I deseve to be. Have done with me now and save me from myself."

I then felt that all the things that made up who I was, were in boxes that I was carrying on my shoulders and I found myself throwing them all to the ground. After a moment, I sensed God was smiling at me (I could not see His face) and He quietly asked of me, "Now, doesn't that feel better?"

I felt that a great burden had gone and had to agree that I certainly did feel better and as I looked up, the scene had completely changed.

I was now standing in a magnificent paradise, beautiful beyond description. I was on a flight of very wide palatial-like steps and before me stood the king, Immanuel-Jesus. I now saw Him, as He truly is, the one true king of kings and governor of Heaven, to a degree that I can only describe as 'knowing fully, beyond the shadow of a doubt' and I knew exactly what I had to do. I knelt before Him and looking into His eyes, I pledged my life to the service of my God, King and Country. He then smiled and as He touched my shoulder with His right hand, He said, "Arise, a lord of love, light of the realm." After which the vision faded.

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  • December 3, 2016 at 5:23 am
    Wow! What a vision!