The View From Eternity

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The View From Eternity

My beloved brethren in Christ. I am compelled to share with you, how life is seen from eternity and the supernatural realm of God's true love (the kingdom of God).

When Lucifer was the angel who led the heavenly choir, he was their inspiration, their 'morning star' (guiding light) and as such, was considered to be the most beautiful of all angels in the light of God's true love. He only knew love and loved God with all his heart.

However, when God made it known that He was going to create man to be the vessels for His true love on earth, that God may live through us so He could dwell in the beauty of His creation and SEE the sunrise, SMELL the roses, HEAR the birdsong, TASTE the nectar and TOUCH with true love, Lucifer felt slighted.

He asked God to let Him have the knowledge of the plan that would bring this about and when He found out that a man (Immanuel - Jesus) was to be the inspiration, the guiding light (morning star) for all mankind and have authority over all the angels in heaven, jealousy and envy entered in and he became full of pride in his heart and vanity in his mind.

He believed and still does, that as the most beautiful of all the angels, he should be the inspiration, the 'morning star' for all mankind. In his pride, he thought that mankind was inferior to angels and that as he was the 'morning star', the source of inspiration for the angels, that he is the rightful heir to the throne. In his pride and vanity, that now filled his heart and mind with dark thoughts that had their Source In Negativity, he lost sight of true love and virtue.

In his pride, he sees himself as ruling like Pharaoh, with all mankind as his slaves, serving his will. He convinced the heavenly choir, to whom he was their source of inspiration, their guiding light, that he is the rightful heir to the throne and this led to rebellion in heaven.

God then had no option, but to cast the rebels out of the kingdom and Lucifer looked to where he might establish his own kingdom and work to usurp and thwart God's plan for mankind and take the throne he believes should be his.

The only spheres that were spiritually vacant, were those beneath the earth and so he established his own supernatural realm (kingdom) there. When God formed man, He made them according to His nature of true love and in the image (character) of true love's majestic virtue, knowing no good or evil, only love.

Lucifer then led Eve astray and when she bit the fruit of the tree of knowledge, she became aware in her own mind and of the nature of the flesh. This is when Lucifer became known in the supernatural realms as the father of the nature of Satan, Sensual Attraction Tempting Awareness Negatively. In so doing, he caused mankind to stop being aware of God's true love and virtue, which made it possible for him to lead us astray by filling our minds with the darkness of fear, doubt, pride and sin (thoughts and imaginings that have their Source In Negativity).

His only desire, is to make as many of us as he can, subject to him and to serve him for eternity as the King over the earth. He believes, in his pride, that if he is able to destroy the knowledge of God and the awareness of His true love in us, then he will effectively destroy God's plan and win the throne.

God's true love does not enter or govern us by force. We must open our hearts and minds to Him and cleanse ourselves of our sin, all the thoughts, imaginings and feelings that have their Source In Negativity. Only then will He fill us with His supernatural true love that flows through you like a rushing river of eternal life, fountaining through every pore and transforming your nature into the spitting image of true love's majestic virtue (righteousness) and surrounds you in an atmosphere of absolute peace, grace, holiness and humility that makes you feel like you are floating on air.

It is written, that when two or more are gathered in His name, He will be among us. In truth, when two or more are gathered in the knowledge and understanding of the truth, the way and the life (the true way of eternal life), in the light of Christ, the guiding light (morning star) of God's true love and majestic virtue, then He will supernaturally be present within us and His true love will flow among us. Christ can only come, when we have the courage to step out of the world that is governed by the nature of sin (Satan) and full of it's dark, negative light and walk together in the light of Christ.

God has sent me to bear witness and share this testimony and give you this message: "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. Walk together in the light of God's true love and majestic virtue, with peace and grace toward one another. Do not puff yourself up with the pride of knowledge, for all the knowledge of man is from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which will be cut down and cast into the furnace. Humble yourselves and fill your hearts and minds with true love and majestic virtue, which is the righteousness of God's true love and live for love, with all your heart, mind, body and soul."

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