Who In God's Name Am I?

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Who In God's Name Am I?

Last night, in my prayers, I said to the Lord, "Lord, I don't believe my message is really getting through and I wonder if people are really understanding the gravity of the situation and that I am actually sticking my neck out here."

The Lord said to me "Their minds are full of doubt and they don't know what to make of you. Tell them clearly, in no uncertain terms who you are and why you are here."

So here goes.

My name is Carl John Painter and I was born and raised in a small town, just outside the city of Christchurch, New Zealand and migrated to Australia just before I turned twenty. I am now 51 years old and my earliest memory, was a vision that God gave me when I was three years old. God has taken me through so much in my life and I have received so many visions and revelations, that I can't remember all of them.

My 21st birthday fell on Easter Sunday and through a series of events, I ended up in church where I heard the audible voice of God command me to go up the front and be 'born again'. Not long after that, the Holy Spirit came to me and told me to sell or give away everything I had, except for a change of clothes and the Bible I had been given and to head north. He told me that He was going to teach me directly, through His Holy Spirit, to understand the Bible, as He had a plan and purpose for me.

That was thirty years ago and I spent the first three and a half years travelling all over Australia (except for Western Australia), more than once. During this time God gave me amazing visions, revelations and supernatural encounters that helped me to understand Him and His Kingdom.

I then married my first wife and we bought a farm in the Australian bush and had two beautiful daughters. I was very happy with my life as a farmer and enjoyed spending my days in time alone with God while I worked. However, three years into our marriage, my wife committed adultery and like a 'good Christian', I forgave her and spent the next nine years in a loveless marriage. My wife was not repentant and never asked for my forgiveness. Then one day, after yet another 'bone of contention' she had with me, that ended with being dumped at a friend's place, the Lord said to me, "I will always get you out of anything I put you into, but you have to get yourself out of anything you put yourself into and besides, you can't hide your light in the bush." I then realised that I had been carrying what felt like a lump in my heart for those nine years and I had to divorce my wife.

Not long after that, God gave me a new wife. I say it like that because that's the way it happened. She had been previously married to a man who had been a Youth Pastor, but had sexually molested a young ten year old girl and had renounced Christ. When I asked him why he had done so, he told me that he had never heard God speak to him.

Neither of us were looking for a relationship, but that's the way God works. True love comes along when you're not looking for it.

Twenty three years ago, the presence of God came upon me in a way that I can't possibly describe, except to say that it was the presence of the living God in absolute holiness and reverence and in the fullness of Christ, the character of absolute virtue. I experienced the supernatural peace and grace of God that truly is beyond all understanding and cannot possibly be described.

His spirit was upon me for about fifteen minutes and I was not in my mind. My awareness was absolutely in the presence of God and I saw a thought rise up from my mind, like a puff of smoke. The thought was, "what I could do with this".

He told me that He had chosen me to be the vessel for the spirit of Elijah, whom He is sending for these end times to encourage and build up faith mightily and that my mind had to be brought into a full understanding of God, King and Country and that I had to be made humble enough, so that any thought like that would not arise.

I then said to the Lord, "Lord, I want to dwell in your eternal peace and holiness 24/7, whatever it takes, make me ready." I knew what I was asking and I knew that I was letting myself in for a tough workshop, but once you truly experience the TRUE presence of God and His peace that surpasses all understanding, then there's no other course to take.

For the past ten years, up until recently, I actually felt that God was not with me. My wife and I, along with our children, have gone through some very troubled times. However, I now see that God was working through all of that, in ways I still can't figure out, to make me ready to walk in His spirit of holiness. I just look back at it all and think, 'I don't know how He did it, but He did.'

We have been through the winepress and had our faith continually tested and I thank God, that although we are still struggling, He has brought us through it and made our faith so strong and made me ready for the purpose that He has for me.

The Lord has given me so much vision and revelation, because to whom much is required, much is given and to bring me into the full awareness of who I am in His eternal kingdom. So now I will tell you about that.

I have no recollection whatsoever of any 'past lives', it is of no consequence to me. All I know and remember, is the eternal realm of God's kingdom and that I have faithfully been serving the God of eternal love, his appointed King, Jesus - Immanuel and his eternal kingdom for a long, long time.

In this life, He has taken me through the path He laid for me before I was born, that I would be present in the world for this time. To be His witness and testify to the world of the true way of life in Christ, in His eternal kingdom of absolute love and virtue.

I have had so many spiritually ignorant, proud 'men of God' judge me and condemn me, not understanding that God has been teaching me the nature of all the spirits and how to discern them. You see, all the spirits, every single one of them, want to possess you.

In the kingdom of God, there is life. There is a life where we can sense one another. We can see, touch, smell, taste and feel one another. This is also the case with the kingdom of Hell, but not the case in the other spiritual realms which, without going into a great deal of detail, is what used to be called Purgatory, but is better know in the kingdom as the realm of our own Image-Nations.

In these spiritual realms, the souls are absolutely alone and can not be sensed by anyone. They can not be seen by anyone, touched by anyone, or felt by anyone and vice versa. It is very, very, very lonely.

Those who have developed a relationship with God have it pretty good, because they accept the situation and know that it will end and they will have eternal life in His kingdom and can 'sense' His presence with them. However, those who have not, long to 'have a life' and because God doesn't have an 'open door' policy, Lucifer comes to them as an angel of light and being the liar he is, promises them a life in his kingdom, which he makes out to be something it's not, if they will just do one little thing for him, lead those who are alive in the world to become subject to him, by influencing them to sin. In the final judgement, every soul will be possessed (owned) by whomever they have made themselves subject to and live for eternity in that kingdom. Whether you know it or not, if you are not subject to the one, true God of eternal love in the light of Christ, then you are subject to Lucifer and the false light of anti-Christ.

The only thing that can stop these spirits from being able to influence us, is the spirit of God's true holiness. God does not want to control us. When he possesses us, it is with full co-operation and absolute love and peace. His spirit, is the spirit of absolute holiness, reverence and virtue and fills you with a peace, grace and joy that is beyond your wildest dreams, literally. God makes your life better and more abundant, while Lucifer wants to rob you of your life and make it miserable.

The Holy Spirit comes by invitation only and that invitation can only be in a state of absolute humility, in absolute faith and trust in God that unlike the servants of darkness, He will make you fit for life in His kingdom and transform you into a lion of heaven. You have to be able to allow Him to do that. You have to be obedient and allow yourself to be what God wants you to be, without fear or doubt. You have to let Him make you like a king or queen, a lamb in lion's clothing. Humble and loving on the inside, while portraying a character of absolute virtue on the outside. It's an art, that has only been perfected in Christ and that He is trying to perfect in us. It is so far beyond our abilities that there is no way we can do it in our own strength. Only God can change us, through the power of His spirit of holiness.

To you proud and noble 'men of God' in "the church", I have this message from the Lord. "I have sent you the least of my servants. See that you receive him with humility and accept Him as such. Don't you believe that in these times of great tribulation, that I would send some very real help? Do you think that Lucifer would send one of his servants into his enemy's camp, when he is on the attack, to encourage and strengthen his enemy's army against himself? Wake up and smell the roses! Stop fighting against me with your pride, for I am about to unleash my wrath upon "the church" and tear down those who are full of pride and bring them to their knees in absolute humiliation and repentance. It's time for a clean sweep."

Prepare to receive the Lion King of Heaven, so you will not cast down your eyes in shame when you stand before Him, as He looks right through you and exposes ALL your hidden agendas and the darkness of your resentment, unforgiveness, selfish pride, doubt and worldly desires, in other words, sin. For those who cast their eyes down, are not fit for the kingdom of the living God and will be cast into the outer darkness.

Repent and make straight the way of the Lord!

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      God has and will always be honest strat and true with love, Humanity needs to hear from the true servants of God not the men that tickle the ears. I went away from churches over 10 years ago now because of the Bible wasn't being shared the way of the Holy spirit. All I was hearing was condemnation what a man should do and shouldn't do. The love of the world has got strings attached. The love of God is like pure sweet water to drink. Thank you.