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Hi! You may be wondering why I allow you to make an ad you can print on any of The Morning Star articles, so I'd like to start by letting you know why I've done this.

Many people have left the church and many others are tired of hearing people spout scriptures and not speaking from their heart, and people are hungry for truth and something that "rings true" in their soul. Each issue of The Morning Star, is a short article that fits on one side of a piece of A4 paper and is useful in sparking up a conversation with others that can lead to deep and meaningful conversations. One example of how they can be used, is how we use the issue "God Is Love", where we make paper roses (because we can't afford real ones) and wrap one in the issue and hand it out to people. You're only limited by your imagination and if you really let go, I'm sure the holy spirit will inspire you in any number of ways, of how you can put this to good use.

Create an ad for your church meetings, fellowship group, church camp out, family reunion, etc. Even if your friends and family, etc. aren't believers, you can choose an article that's sure to stir up a conversation.

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Ads are not for profit (business use) and are subject to approval before being made available, to ensure they are not malicious or misrepresenting Inuall Media or the kingdom of God in any way.

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