The Morning Star

The Morning Star

The Morning Star (the reference given to Jesus), denotes the spark of awareness that is the eternal "I AM" within every one of us. The speck that is our soul and is ABSOLUTELY aware of the Great (all powerful) Omniscient (all aware) Deity (eternal prescience) of Eternal Love that exists beyond the five senses of the body (the flesh) and the sixth sense of the mind or more appropriately, the imagination.

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star." Revelation 22:16

Within every one of us, beyond our mind and body and all the things that we can imagine or believe our selves to be, dwells the spark of the eternal I AM. Yes! you are a star, a twinkle in your father's eye! However, since the fall of Lucifer, there are both the Morning & Evening Stars. The Morning Star is the creative impulse of divine inspiration in absolute virtue, while the Evening Star is the opposite, the reactive repulse. It is interesting to note that while CREATIVE & REACTIVE are opposites, the words contain the same seven letters with only the letter 'C' in a different position, while the other six remain the same.

Christ, dwelling in Heaven as Immanuel (I-AM-In-U-AII) and made manifest on the earth as Jesus, is the will of God (the creative impulse of divine inspiration) personified. He is the ordained governer of our divine inspiration and by surrendering our selves to Him, we become subject (magnetically drawn) to the creative impulse of true, divine inspiration in absolute love and virtue.

If we do not, then we are (super)-naturally subject (magnetically drawn) to the evening star, which is the opposite polarity, as light is to dark, positive to negative, good to evil, love to hate, etc. This is because God created our imagination to be able to receive inspiration from Him. Our imagination is the tool that God uses to communicate (commune) with us and if we do not receive our inspiration, direction, guidance and understanding from the one, true source that God ordained, then by the natural law of attraction and repulsion, we become repulsed by Christ and receive our inspiration, direction, guidance and understanding from the opposite, negative pole that we are then (super)-naturally drawn to.

Eternal Love (GOD), created us to be vessels whereby He could have expression, which is why we were created with free will, so that we can be creative and full of joy in our expression of God's Love. By surrendering ourselves to Christ, we allow ourselves to be governed by the divine spark of God's inspiration and virtue, which will lead us to be set free of the five senses of the flesh and so called sixth sense of the imagination, and into the absoluteness of the seventh sense, the Morning Star. The spark within us that dawns moment to moment, with endless creative inspiration, joy and absolute peace, love and virtue.

Copyright © 2013 Carl (Little John) Painter

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