The Morning Star

The End of The World

I was blessed a number of years ago, to be camping at Ayers Rock (Uluru) while a gathering of spiritual elders from all over the globe were there. American Indian chiefs and medicine men, Buddhist Lamas, African chiefs, etc.

God taught me to see the elements of the true way of life in what they knew and believed, to have a foundation to build upon and present the true way of life in Christ to them, in a way they could relate to and not feel undermined.

So many commit trespass every day and in the name of Christ! They jump in with judgement, saying things like, 'No, that's wrong! The scriptures say....". The Lord has taught me to say, "Yes, there is some truth to that. However, have you considered...?"

What happens, when we come together in the TRUE light of Christ and the spirit of holiness, is far beyond anything we can imagine as individuals. God's Image-Nation, His dream for us, is to be living with the supernatural river of His love flowing through us and to be "clothed" in His righteousness (absolute virtue). The mind of Christ, only dwells upon the thoughts/dreams of God, as they inspire us to be fully aware of God's will, which is to "live the dream"

Our own "world" must crumble and fall away, because it is not the true way of life, in the Kingdom of the living God. A kingdom where we are all surrendered in humility to our creator God and allow ourselves to follow His direction for us, in His glorious movie (movement) of life. Where true brotherhood, as lights of the realm, is the purpose for us to live by, with the cause being, for God to be able to sense His creation more fully, through us.

We cannot know true love with our mind. Only in the supernatural awareness that is the 'mind of Christ'. What we consider to be love in this world, is like our mind itself, at 10% of conscious awareness.

God's love is POWERFUL and flows through us like a rushing stream, babbling with joy and dancing with freedom. It supernaturally clothes us in absolute virtue (righteousness), which makes us feel and appear like kings and queens. So majestic and gracious, full of wisdom and understanding, in a spirit of true equanimity and humility, with a godly sense of humour.

This is why Jesus came 'to reveal the kingdom of heaven'. That we might picture it and when we surrender our own will, in using our mind/imagination, and allow God to use it, then He will show us what He has in mind, what He imagines for us.

We cannot serve God and Mammon. We can't have the best of both worlds, it doesn't work that way. There are no grey areas.

However, God's kingdom is virtually impossible to truly bring TO LIFE with just one person. It is a way of life in true brotherhood and surrender to God, having no part of the world. This is why so many are frustrated, because "the church" is stuck in the role of the Halfway House and is therefore stuck half way. There are precious few who have the vision and the courage to go 'all the way' and have no part OF it. Just being IN the world as God's partner in eternal LIFE.

In heaven, we live in a beautiful environment, eternal paradise and God's supernatural, loving presence flows through us with such force, that we are forever in a state of rapturous awe. Love is the source of all life and when it is flowing through us supernaturally, we live forever, even in the flesh, because the supernatural presence of God/Love is life giving. The end of the world may manifest in the physical, but everything is a result of our collective thoughts and actions.

The true change comes, when we collectively decide to surrender our life to God and let go of all our wants, desires, hopes and dreams (our world) in order to truly LIVE for Him and His hope and dream for us.

Copyright © 2014 Carl (Little John) Painter

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