The Morning Star

A World of Make Believe

To believe or not to believe? This is the question of doubt.

The power of belief is so great, that it controls our every thought and actions. Our mind is bound by what we choose to believe and we are therefore imprisoned by the constraints of those beliefs.

For centuries, men have apparently gone to war over politics or religion. However, it is ultimately about what they believe. Hitler made an entire nation believe that the Jews were responsible for their impoverished economy and the only solution was to eradicate them, because he believed there should only be an Aryan race. The Sanhedrin made the people of Jerusalem believe that Jesus was a blasphemer and the only solution was to eradicate him, because they believed they were chosen by God and no-one else could be.

No other creature on this earth, has the ability to imagine or believe they are something more than they are. A cow does not fantasize and believe itself to be a fish, a fish does not fantasize and believe itself to be a human. Yet human beings fantasize and believe themselves to be superheroes, or Gods.

There are so many different beliefs in the world, that people are always in constant conflict over them, attacking and condemning one another for believing differently. People try so hard to make others believe the same as they do, thinking, "if only they believe like me, then there will be peace and harmony".

Deep down, our 'subconscious' (soul) knows, that only when we reach a common accord on what we all believe, is there any hope of peace, not only in our world, but also within our own heart and mind.

However, it is what to believe that is the crux of the problem, isn't it? Those who have difficulty with self-control, don't really want to believe in anything that requires it and those who desire control, don't want to believe in anything they can't control and on it goes.

Because we are slaves to our innermost doubts and fears, we allow them to form the basis of our beliefs. We choose beliefs that we are comfortable with and that don't force us to change who we are or the way we think.

There are always those who try to make others believe as they do by force, such as Hitler and countless others throughout the centuries. They do so, because deep down, doubts arise about their own 'belief' and they 'believe' that the only way to dispell those doubts, is if everyone else believes as they do.

While you have the slightest doubt about anything you might believe, then it is not absolute truth and you will always have conflict within your self, whether everyone else also believes it, or not.

Jesus came to set us free from the misguided beliefs of the temporal world. He did not force anyone to believe as He did. He only asks us, with humility, to believe in an eternal realm of true love and magnanimous virtue and live as an example of it. He asks us to follow Him, but never forces us to and was tortured and crucified without resistance, as an example of what it is to believe in something 'beyond the shadow of a doubt'.

The power of truly believing something as absolute truth, is when there is no need to convince anyone else, in order to quell the doubts and fears that arise and cause discord within us. If you have ANY doubt, then you do not KNOW the truth, for the truth will set you free of all doubt and you will no longer live your life by what you believe, but go beyond belief and live by faith alone. You are not walking in true righteousness, if you are trying to convince others that you are right.

We are told that it is our faith that is tested, but in reality it is our belief. As we put our faith in what we believe, it is the doubt that arises at such times that 'tests' our belief and subsequent faith.

I can't make you believe what I believe, just as you can't make anyone believe what you believe. I can only hope and pray that God reveals the true way of eternal life to you. Only then will you be free of all doubts and fears, have true peace of mind and be an example of true belief 'beyond the SHADOW of any doubt', a light unto the world.

Copyright © 2014 Carl (Little John) Painter

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