The Morning Star

What Dreams May Come?

We live in a godless world, because Satan has been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes for centuries.

He has continued to build upon his one, great deception that the majority believes to be real. They call it the "Great [American-Australian-your nation] Dream". The one where you slave your life away to provide for the desires of the flesh. A dream home, a dream car, a dream job, etc. and the hope of finding your dream woman/man, your true love, to share your dream with.

What makes God's dream, of a kingdom governed by His true love and majestic virtue, where everyone is free to just be, any less real? Is it because we can't see it? Touch it? Taste it? Hear it? Smell it? Does true love really exist? Satan is an old goat and enjoys butting you. But what about this? But what about that? But God is a fantasy, He's not real. But you can't live for love, there's bills that need to be paid, so you can get by in the world! Satan still believes he has a chance of claiming the throne on earth and dreams of ruling like Pharaoh, with us as his slaves.

The other sneaky trick that Satan has pulled, is making everyone afraid of the supernatural. Why do you think there are so many supernatural thriller movies with vampires, witches, ghosts and demons, etc? People are so afraid of the supernatural, that when the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit comes near, they 'freak out'.

We are living the wrong dream! This one where everyone is out for themselves and only the strongest survive and the mind of the flesh, with its survival instinct and five senses, sees the sense in it.

For this to be a God filled world, we have to stop living this way, according to this deluded dream and believe in the supernatural reality of God and the true way of life that is His dream for us, which is revealed in Christ. The one where His supernatural, true love flows through us all like golden, liquid light, full of life, bubbling with joy and shining with majestic virtue as His influence manifests through us, while being in an atmosphere of absolute holiness, humility, peace and grace, that is beyond your wildest imagination.

You know the anointing comes when you step out, don't you? Well, to walk in that anointing requires a very big step. One that requires true courage and absolute faith, beyond the shadow of any doubt. Satan has been doing everything He can to pull the wool over your eyes and He has even succeeded in deceiving many of the church leaders into believing that God wants to fulfil your worldly dreams and the desires of the flesh.

There is only one true desire of the heart, of your eternal soul and that is to be filled with the glory of absolute true love and rapturous joy. Everything else is a deception, a desire of the mind of the flesh seeking its own comfort, satisfaction and glory.

The Lord has sent me to tell you, HE'S REAL! I have been with Him in eternity and in His supernatural presence and I can tell you, when you are in His presence, you are literally out of YOUR mind and in the supernatural, eternal awareness of God, the mind of Christ.

Just imagine what it would be like, if not ten, not a hundred, but thousands of people, gathered together in one place, in His presence like that. I believe that as God's supernatural presence has absolute control over everything, on a molecular and atomic level, we would see miracles and wonders that would blow everyone's mind. Healing would be the least of it.

Copyright © 2015 Carl (Little John) Painter

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