The Morning Star

The Last Pilgrimage

The path a Christian takes in their journey to God's kingdom, is a pilgrimage. One where they must eventually leave all they know behind. As many of you are aware, we are in the last days. However, we are actually at the final countdown and God is calling His people out of the world, to be made ready for the rapture.

Yes! You must be made ready for the rapture, for when you are raptured, you will experience His supernatural power and presence, beyond belief and your wildest imagination. Like the Israelites, when they left Egypt, you must step out of the world and be cleansed of all sin, pride, worldly thinking and desires.

God is absolute love and His eternal kingdom, is the supernatural realm where all who are therein, dwell in His presence of absolute love and virtue. He will not allow anyone to enter His presence or His realm, unless they have been thoroughly cleansed. Because He will not allow Himself or His kingdom to become polluted with the nature of sin, pride, worldly thinking or the desires of the carnal heart. There is only one true desire of the heart and that is to be filled with absolute love, peace and joy. Only the living God of absolute love can fulfill that desire.

You must understand, that God is the supernatural power and presence of absolute, eternal love and that the Christ, is the character that is manifested from the characteristics of His love's absolute virtue. He is the great I AM, the watcher that watches the watcher within and is within every soul who gives their life to Him. How much, depends on how much you're willing to surrender. However, when we are are completely surrendered and dwelling in the power and presence of His almighty love, then we are supernaturally transformed into the character that is made manifest from His characteristics, the character of absolute, majestic virtue and in Him, we are all made equal.

No doubt, there are many of you who've been hearing the Holy Spirit within you, telling you this time would come and to be prepared. Many see it as an end-time revival, a last crusade or an exodus. It is all these and more! Though we will undoubtly witness God perform awe-inspiring miracles, the power is His, not ours and His Holy Spirit is not a street magician. He is the spirit of God's absolute holiness, peace, grace, humility and brotherly love. These are the things you should seek from Him, not power. The power will come, when you are walking in His spirit.

Do not think of yourself, according to the way the world perceives people, for it is ruled and governed by the sinful nature and the pride of self. You are a child of the living God and all you need, is to have courage in yourself, confidence in Christ and faith in God. If you have these, then God can use you in ways you haven't even begun to imagine and everyone has skills they can share.

The last pilgrimage is not a ministry. In the words of Smith Wigglesworth, this is to be "the greatest move(ment) of God in mankind's history". It is unprecedented and without comparison. God wants us to leave the world behind, along with all the religious traditions. He wants to tear down the church walls and bring it back to it's foundation, it's true roots.

An army marches as one body, made up of many different parts that have a function to perform, so the army remains efficient and well taken care of. It is not any one man, but a team effort. This is God's Movie and He is the author, producer and director. If everyone obediently follows the direction the Lord gives them, in the spirit of holiness, peace, grace, humility and brotherly love, then everything will flow smoothly, harmoniously and joyfully. Go here for the full story.

Copyright © 2015 Carl (Little John) Painter

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