The Morning Star

Mountains and Molehills

Mountains and Molehills

There are those that say they believe, yet are so full of doubts and fears, that their faith is what I call "fair weather faith", in that they proclaim their faith when all is good, but when tribulations come, they panic and run to the world for solutions.

Let me tell you, right here and right now, that there is never a time, that you won't need faith. God is a God of mystery and for a reason you've probably never considered, especially if you are full of doubt and fear for your survival.

Those who know God, and I don't mean "know about Him" through the written word, but who've experienced the supernatural presence of His true nature and characteristics of absolute love and virtuousness, know that He loves surprising us and we'll never truly know what tomorrow holds, as that would ruin the surprise and life, especially ETERNAL life, would be very boring indeed. When it comes to eternal life in the presence of God, although His reality is no mystery, what He has in store for us tomorrow, will always be shrouded in mystery.

You can spend eternity going around and around the mountain, trying to know everything, but eventually you will come to a point where you realize, that no man can ever fathom God's (love's) depths and all you need to know, is enough to be "beyond the shadow of any doubt", as to His truth, way and life, the true way of life in His absolute love.

When you come to "know your ledge" and realize that neither you or anyone else can ever truly know His depths, then you are ready to take the leap of faith, beyond all you know, into the absolute love of God and you will find a peace, far greater than any peace you've ever known, for it is literally and truly, beyond your wildest imagination and the limits of your mind, and is only experienced in the supernatural presence of God's absolute love that knows no bounds, detached from the nervous system of "the flesh".

When His Holy Ghost, the divine, supernatural presence of God (absolute love) truly comes upon you, in absolute power and glory, it flows through you like a mighty, rushing river of unrelenting, unreserved and unadulterated love, with absolute power, passion and purpose, so powerfully, that it fountains through every pore of your body and makes you a fountain of absolute love and eternal youth. Such is the power of His love, that it is the river of eternal life and keeps you alive forever.

When you realize that the cross we bear, is the survival instinct of the flesh, that Jesus overcame in the garden and gave us the example of the resurrection, so we would know the deception of it, then you will come to see that the only obstacles that are in your way, are the ones YOU see. For God sees no obstacles before us, except our pride, doubt, fear, unbelief and lack of TRUE faith.

Have faith! Immanuel is with you (I-Am-In-U-All) and is working to debrainwash you from the world and all the lies and deceptions of its concept of reality, and bring you into His reality, His true way of life in absolute love and virtue, beyond the shadow of ANY doubt and your wildest imagination and make you a perfect gentleman or gentlewomen, of His absolute love and virtuousness (righteousness).

May the spirit of His almighty, holy love, peacefulness, gracefulness and graciousness be upon you all, in absolute, supernatural power, passion and glory.

Copyright © 2016 Carl (Little John) Painter

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