• Conversations With The Lord

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    An Invitation From God's Heart

    An interview with me, in which I am asking fellow believers to join with me, in sharing the GOOD NEWS of God's absolute love and virtuousness. See the blog for details.

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    Will You Do Something For Me?

    The majority of the time, when the Lord asks you to do something for Him, it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

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    What Is Sin?

    Negativity is a powerful force, that darkens our mind and causes us great distress and tribulation.

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    Does Hell Exist?

    There are only two realms in eternity, The realm of God's absolute love and virtue, and the realm of absolutely no love or virtue...

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    A Child At Heart!

    A little child, is without worldly pride or the cares and concerns of the world. They have no thought for their survival and their heart is open.

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    Lambs In Lion's Clothing!

    You can be clothed in the sense of your own virtue (self-righteousness), but to be so, is to be like the emperor with no clothes, for true virtue, comes from true love and God is, the divine, supernatural presence of absolute, true love.

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    The River of Life

    If we truly knew God, as the supernatural, all-aware, all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresence of true love that is the river of life and sensed His presence, then perhaps we would realize, that with all its twists and turns, rises and falls, calm and turbulence, the river of life is the way of love and love/life is meant to move through us with rhythm, purpose and direction.

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    Is Lucifer For Real?

    Is there a battle between good and evil? Or is it a battle for our survival? In the end, neither good nor evil will win and the battle for our survival will be over. For true love conquers all, in the end!

  • Food For Thought


    Descartes Dispels The Doubt

    I think, therefore, I am only who, how or what I am, according to my imperfect thoughts, that are clouded by the shadow of doubt.

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    The Witch's Curse

    This is a testimony, of a lesson God taught me many years ago, about how the majority of people, including Christians, participate in witchcraft every day. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do...

  • Inspirational Movies

    The Jesus Flim (2hrs 8min)

    This film is a good introduction to Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. Jesus always surprised and confounded people, from His miraculous birth to His rising from the tomb. Follow His life through excerpts from the Book of Luke, all the miracles, the teachings, and the passion.

    The Story of Jesus for Children (1hr)

    In the first century, a group of children get together to talk about what they've seen and heard about Jesus. Some believe Jesus is the Son of God. But others think Jesus might just be tricking the people....

    Magdalena - Director's Cut (1hr 22min)

    Made especially for women, this film beautifully shares God's love, engaging women at the heart level and potentiallyf changing their lives for eternity. A story of tenderness, freedom and purpose, it portrays Jesus' compassion for women and historical accounts of His interactions with them, as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.

    The God Man (52min)

    For children who can't read and in areas where the printed Word cannot go, The GodMan film tells the story of Christ's life for all to understand. First shown in 2005, The GodMan is a computer-animated film that has been translated into more than 72 languages and shown in more than 71 countries.

    He Lived Among Us (1hr 27min)

    The dramatic, animated retelling of the life of Jesus Christ, as seen through the eyes of the last surviving apostle, John. Journey with Jesus and encounter His miracles, His astonishing teaching and His unsurpassed bravery. Discover the power and love of Jesus Christ and why His followers risked all to carry His message to the ends of the earth.

    Running (1hr 21min)

    Eric is angry with God for the early death of his mother and a life of loneliness and as a result pushes away those who truly love him, including God. After spending 5 years in jail, his older brother Ryan comes home a changed man after coming to Christ and tries to rebuild his relationship with Eric. He sees that Eric is running head on to a life of crime and destruction. Before Eric ends up just like he once was, Ryan tries to show him that only Christ can bring the peace and fulfillment Eric is looking for and he can finally stop running.

    A Song From The heart (1hr 30min)

    This poignant love story stars Amy Grant as a beautiful, blind concert cellist who falls for a famous, self-centered pianist but doesn't realize that true love is right before her eyes.

    John 3:16 - The Story of Love (18min)

    Tells the story of the close relationship between a bridge operator and his young son and the fateful day when both try to stop an impending rail disaster. A steam train full of hundreds of passengers are unaware of the danger as they head towards an open drawbridge. When a desperate young woman witnesses an act of virtue beyond imagination, her life is forever changed.

    Most - The Movie (33 min)

    This is the full length Czech film (english subtitles) used in the previous video (John 3:16 - The Story of Love). For those who'd like to watch it.

    The River within (1hr 36min)

    Jason returns home to get away while he studies for the upcoming bar exam. After visiting his oldest friend, a "coulda-been-girlfriend" who is now engaged, and a pushy preacher, his easygoing summer becomes filled with unwanted drama. Over the few months he's there, he begins to question what life is about, and what is his purpose in it?

    The Gospel of Matthew, the movie (4 hrs 18min)

    The story of Jesus' life as told by the apostle Matthew.

    The Gospel of John, the movie (3 hrs)

    The story of Jesus' life as told by the apostle John, narrated by Christopher Plummer.

    The Book of Daniel (1hr 28min)

    Daniel as an example of boldness and faithfulness to God in the most difficult circumstances had eternal impact on the people and the kings that he encountered.

    The Apocalypse (1hr 35min)

    Set in 90 AD, Emperor Domitian has declared himself to be God and ruler, over heaven and earth. The Christians do not recognize his divinity and face persecution, from the God Emperor. John has been imprisoned on, the island of Patmos. He writes out messages of his visions and sends the "Revelation of God", to the seven churches of Greek Asia Minor.

    St Francis of Assisi (1hr 43min)

    Made in 1961. Francis Bernardone (Bradford Dillman) is the son of a wealthy cloth merchant in Assisi, who gives up all his worldly goods to dedicate himself to God. Clare (Dolores Hart) is a young aristocratic woman who, according to the film, is so taken with St. Francis that she leaves her family and becomes a nun.